Terra Cerebral

by Nucleust

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Produced by Max Palizban
Recorded at ‘Fridge Box Studio’ in Perth, Australia on April-June 2017
Mixed and Mastered by Forrester Savell
Artwork by Nas Ghadiri
Distribution: Firestarter Music


released July 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Nucleust Perth, Australia

Nucleust incorporate four passion driven musicians who strive to deliver what can be classified as heavy odd music comprising of unpredictable combinations of metal riffs and motives. Having been inspired by a diverse range of genres, Nucleust create music which is a reflection of what is happening in the real world through their own screaming critiques. ... more


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Track Name: Lullaby Paranoia
Your mind is a bomb
Set to explode
The fuse is a vision
In the hand of your decision

Step aside
Let the light come in
Step aside
Let your mind fly away

Created many wars
Killed many people

For what cause
Words are fecal
People are fickle

For what cause
Sheppard of a herd
Of Masses
Of sheeple

Never understood what your problem is
You air head piece of lullaby shit
Led to the slaughter
By your own paranoia

Dress up like you know things
Act like you’re smart
Your sources are sauces
Flavoured with blah
Where do you feed from

History tells you can try your hardest
You think you’re such a bunch of bad asses
Even the biggest armies fall to their knees
With the weight of power of their selfish disease

You and your Democracy
Always put us last
More like Hypocrisy
Shove it up your ass
Track Name: Nothing Is Real But Death
Matter of opinion
On everything and nothing
Doesn’t really matter
You stand for nothing

Big on opinion
Must be respected?!
Because if it’s not
Well fucking something

Ignorance is bliss
For people like this
Use your brain
And don’t complain

Take the easy way
Passion too hard
“Nothing is real”
A piss weak heart

Shay’s clean:
Baby you make me feel so fine
You make me feel alright
When you run your fingers down my spine

We stand
We accept
We take
We address

You sit
You reject
You lose
You digress

Too many people without hope
Denial will not help you cope
Wanna swing from the roof
I’ll buy you the rope

Subjective experience
Biased corrupted
Perception is limited
Memories twisted
Collectively hopeless
sorting the truth out

Nothing is real but love

Didn’t wanna be harsh
Didn’t wanna be arrogant
Was just some tough love
Buddy you need it
Track Name: Quantum Umbrella
Hold me now
Mould me now
Show me how
Feel me now
Thrill me now
Fulfil me with your everlasting love

Sun rise over the mountain
Lights the Forrest floor
Rain through the canopy
Dry eyes open, heart’s free

The nature of the beast
The beast in me
Waiting to release

Waves crash into the shore
Sand under foot
Power under toe
Frothing at the mouth
Physics of the sea
The quantum umbrella
The physics of me
Fighting focused curious
Nature chaotic strange

Snow falls
Covers the slopes
White as the clouds
In which it was made

Warm in the heart
Cold to the touch
Confliction and paradox
The contradiction in me

Dreams obsession
Choice of passion
Thankless is the hopeless
Passionless dreamers

Stress bleeding ears
Nerves burning dears
Brain grinding gears
Heart fighting tears
Still carry on
Your rival will soon be gone

Looking to the stars
To find your way
Lost in a dream
On a rainy day
The smell of new life
Sparks the light in me

The barren dessert so empty
Dry and lifeless like a dried up sea
The love for the beauty of the world,
Put the love in me!
Track Name: Re-earth
Believe as the wind
Strips the leaves
From the trees

We are the problem
We are the disease
Like a parasitic leach
Continue to bleach our home
Take all the resources
To make them our own

Drain all the oil
Suck the world dry
Consider this
Our planet will die

Don’t give a damn
Don’t really care
Like a smog filled delusion
Don’t give a damn
Don’t really care
Making us breathe in pollution

Don’t give a damn
Don’t really care
Without clear absolution
Don’t give a damn
Don’t really care
Can see the cause
Can’t see the solution

Make it rain money
In the general direction
Of green house gases
And environmental protection

Have made our planet part of your legislation
Have made us all fools with your manipulation
Take what we have
Burn it all to the ground
While consciously
Wiping ourselves out

Shake me until my eyes bleed
Won’t you Rape me, I have nothing left to give

We need this planet
We can’t just reearth
We need this planet
We can’t rebirth

There’s no other place
Like our mother land
There’s no other place
Like our EARTH
Track Name: Of Man and Tree
Round and round
The story goes
Man killing man
And all those opposed!

1000 years has passed
Blood becomes invisible
Eyes are growing weary
Life is indivisible

The world's still divided
Either with or against them
Used to be face to face
Now it's hidden behind their manifest

Swords become monsters
Fulfilling their dreams
In the hands of no one
One finger Red button
Many lives could vanish
Under the light of the mushroom

Trees have no power
In this modern world
Mother Nature has been devoured
Wild human instinct destruction

People go blind
With the power of control
Don't wanna see
Don't wanna be free

The walls are high
The prisons are full
Neither fence nor guard

Watches from within the tree
No longer can she fight
The freedom she once obtained
Blackened like the night

The mindset of the future
Not determined by the past
Making sure the next
Doesn’t emulate the last

Knowing is the key
Learning from mistakes
Knowing that were all the same
Knowing we all bleed

The price of freedom is high
Is this how it has to be?
Until we stop the fighting
No one is really free
Track Name: Loss Of A Dearest
In the blink of an eye
Your life crashes
Crumbled into the dust
Torn into pieces
As the walls’ colour splashes
Your whole World collapses

Used to wipe his face
And rock him contently
Teach him how to be
And protecting him gently

One day you hug her
You cherish her
One night you take her
To flee with her

Where they used to love to live
Now they hate to have to leave
Where they used to laugh and play
Faded away into gore and decay

Never thought he’d be the last
To see the land of his past

They call the boat the eagle of the seas
Where the captain is the lord of their dreams
Although things are not as they seem
Hope is all he has to follow and to believe

Feels like a seesaw
Swaying with the breeze
Brushing through their hair
Calmly putting them to sleep
Watching their land disappear

Freezing is the water
Struggling for air
Clinging to their lives
This fight just isn’t fair

Although their hands are firm
And their bonds unyielding
The ocean sings the lullaby
As the water drags them down

Already out of time
The ocean unforgiving
Punished for no crime
This fight is for the living

These wounds will never heal
These memories surreal
There is no solace to be found
Our innocence has drowned
Track Name: The Inner Self
It’s dark
Yet to see the outside
Attached to a rope
Unaware of things to come
Pulled from comfort
Drawn out full of unknowns
Though it feels warm

Walking into another planet
Full of other minds
Feel the contradiction
Afraid and excited

Hate of experience
With extreme pleasure
Never understood why
Chemically unbalanced
Fast forward your life
Pause at the moments
Looking back through time
Bringing nostalgia

Selfish with drive
Loyal with Love
Jealously competitive
Humbly arrogant

I am human
I am emotion
I am living
In contradiction
Happy with success
Depression dysfunction
Ecstatically rivaled

My inner truth
I am many things
Looking to the future
With the joy it brings
Track Name: The Symphony Of Revenge
The life of a father
Devoting it all
To his only daughter

Giving his blessing
With all of his love
For her to be happy
With her true love

Respectful and loyal
Devoted and caring
A kind hearted man
Who needed no warning

Life seems perfect
Under the shelter of home
Though in the darkness
When you are alone

Walking in a nightmare
Surrounded by thorns
She’s not sleeping
She’s not dreaming

Scratched and bruised
Broken and desperate
Her heart beating
Her heart bleeding

Back to her tree house
Where she feels safe
Though the walls have grown smaller
And the house’s been tainted

Anger, sadness and love
In the hands of the bold
Everyone knows revenge
Is a dish best served cold

They found the demon
That put forth the curse
What he gave to her
They gave to him worse

Part of him gone
Missing like a fallen petal
The wind brought it back
Turning a red rose black

The black rose is frail
Feeding from stale air
Though she’s safe
With those who care

Return to their lives
With heavy hearts
Justice was served though
She still wears the scars

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